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Check out the awesome scents that make up the After Dark lineup. No matter what you like to do at night, this lineup has you covered

After Dark lineup

PROFILE: Energizing Citrus, Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Need a boost for pulling an all-nighter? Whether you’re hitting the town for an all-nighter of fun with friends or staying up to study for that big test, our All Nighter scent will help you ride out the night with an energizing kick of bright citrus mixed in with a big punch of peppermint and the slightest bit of eucalyptus. If you love our Sunrise scent from our main lineup, you’ll be sure to love this one. We took all the best parts of Sunrise and kicked them up a notch to bring the energy level to 100 for All-Nighter!

PROFILE: Sharp Woods, Musky Cologne & Good Times

Nothing like grabbing some beers with the boys at your favorite local bar. This scent is the perfect pairing for a boy's night out. At first, the scent hits you with sharp wood notes before blending into some extra musky cologne. With a whole lotta oud and other surprises thrown in, this one is sure to let the good times roll. Give your boys one as a gift, and you’ll never have to buy the first round of drinks at boys' night again!

PROFILE: Date Night Cologne

It's Friday night, and the babysitter just arrived. You're dressed to the nines and ready to hit that fantastic new restaurant you've been wanting to eat at for months. Your significant other comes down the stairs, and you let out a "wow" under your breath. They hug you and say "wow, you smell amazing," which you already knew would happen since you're wearing Date Night Beard Oil. Get that expensive cologne scent without sacrificing beard softness with our Date Night beard oil!

PROFILE: Exotic Incense, Whipped Cream, Smooth Velvet & Rose

Bolt the doors and bring out this sultry scent for a guaranteed fun night with your significant other. Starting with exotic notes of incense, Kama Sutra will surely help set the mood before bringing in a fun touch of whipped cream and blending seamlessly into smooth velvet and fresh roses. This scent is the perfect pairing for extracurricular activities and is sure to be a hit for all those nights when going to bed doesn’t mean going to sleep!